What’s in Your Cool Whip?

October 8, 2007 at 11:39 pm | Posted in Atheism | 19 Comments
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  1. Wow, this guy HATES sugar!

    I love the fact that his scientific explanations are delivered in this dark sarcastic, “I-hate-fructose” style.

    This is so great!

  2. That was awesome!!!

    “Or you can make some yourself from heavy whipping cream….and air.”


  3. Looks like fear-mongering to me. Does water being only one molecule away from Hydrogen Peroxide stop me from drinking it? No. Does cool-whip share ingredients with other common household items? Sure. Would it stop me from eat it? No.

  4. Loved it! More please!

  5. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Honjii,
    You owe me $3.79 cause I threw out the Cool Whip I just bought!

  7. wooaahhh! i love cool whip so this makes me sad. =(

  8. Whipp-its! I love getting high with cool whip (LOL!).

  9. Forget all those long words he uses, did you note the common ingredient in all those ingredients? Yes, WATER! Water must be the single most dangerous thing in the world! It is found in nuclear reactors, in anti-freeze and in dead bodies. Don’t touch Water – it must be dangerous!

  10. love the choice of the smily face detergent package. lol

  11. Ahhhh…I feel so much better now.

  12. wowwww, never, never, NO to cool whip…and ??? next plssss 🙂 Water = H2O 🙂

  13. I am allergic to corn because this crap is in everything. I would like to thank big businesses that dont care what they put in their product that everyone buys so they can mmake tons of money. I dont know how they sleep at night knowing they are probably poisoning a third of america.(Especially mcdonalds) you could leave a mcdonalds cheesburger out in the open air for years and it would stay the same. Do you have any idea what these preservatives do to you people. It certainly isnt going to make you look 35 for the rest of your life.(that is, if you dont have a heart attack before you hit 50)

  14. Wait… larger things are made of smaller things?

    His presentation of air needed a little work, I didn’t buy it.

  15. […] What’s in Your Cool Whip? [YouTube] […]

  16. that was hilarious…….I wonder if he needs glasses or just sucks at reading from the “q” cards…..However the family guy reference was the best part of that clip…..

  17. I cant want for the episode of “whats inside” and his mom is the topic…theres a good use for coolwhip

  18. Great Post & Cool clip
    thanks for sharing.

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