13 Year Old Girl Stip Searched at School, Suspected of Having Ibuprofin

October 6, 2007 at 8:23 am | Posted in social comment, stupidity | 15 Comments
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I’m beginning to suspect that something is being released into the environment or our water that is causing most Americans to lose functioning brain cells at a rapidly increasing rate.  Either that, or now that we have stupidity in the White House as our ultimate role model, perhaps the other morons are crawling out from their rocks and crevices thinking stupid is cool, because every day I hear so much stupid stuff I can’t even begin to comment on all of it.

I came across the story of a court ruling that a strip search, conducted by Safford, AZ junior high school officials, of a thirteen year old girl suspected of having ibuprofen was reasonable, and that her civil rights were not violated.  Granted most schools, this one included, have rules about students carrying over the counter drugs, but even if this little girl broke the rule I think the school officials went way overboard.  I cannot believe the courts agreed.  Imagine if she’d been carrying a prescription medication, I suppose they would have felt justified in taking her out to the playground and shooting her.

What the school should have done, was called the girl’s parent/s.  If I had been the mother of this girl I can pretty much guarantee that I would have committed numerous violations of the civil rights of anyone involved in subjecting my kid to this unthinkable humiliation and trauma.

I understand why more and more people are choosing to home school their kids.



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  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptEither that, or now that we have stupidity in the White House as our ultimate role model, perhaps the other morons are crawling out from their rocks and crevices thinking stupid is cool, because every day I hear so much stupid stuff I … […]

  2. I would have to meet the girl. Not all kids are socially amenable. Some require really tough handling, and the procedure has to match the kid’s attitude.

    At least the accusation wasn’t dropping peanuts into Coke to get drunk. That was back in the 1960’s when that urban legend was going around.

  3. It’s a real shame that we have let this much freedom go out the window. A strip search should only be aloud by police and only to find weapons. Yes I do believe drugs are a problem in our schools and on the street. But, with our children we need to use restraint. Let the parents search their children, not the school. Besides, why should a child get in trouble over a over the counter pain pill. The girl probably gets migranes. I wouldn’t want her to fail class because she wasn’t aloud to take a pain pill to get rid of it so she could concetrate on her studies.
    The Spokesman

  4. you think you’ve heard it all and then the next story comes along! even the toughest strip search would not find any brains in any of the officials involved, i guess. including the ‘commander in chief’ of this bizarre country…

  5. “dropping peanuts into Coke to get drunk”

    🙂 I like that idea.

    The story you posted is shocking – and to think I was amazed this week at a couple of college kids getting a visit from the cops for drinking absinthe!

  6. This story is about me, i just wanted to say thank you for defending me. I appreciate all the suppport. I wrote a letter to the editor of The Eastern Arizona Courier, if your interested in hearing my side of the story you should go read it and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks–vana

  7. Thanks Vana,
    I tried to leave a comment, but I think the site was having some issues. For those interested in reading Vana’s letter, click here.

  8. In the words of the immortal Rick James:

    “Ibuprofen is a hell of a drug.”

  9. the staff at safford middle school had no proof of redding having any kind of drug on her besides two tards that said she did the school had no contact with reddings parents and they had no law enforcement thaat should be enouph to need to discipline the staff that violated reddings person and the funny part is she didnt have any drugs on her.

  10. safford nurse is gay with horses

  11. omar is gay with horses

  12. good news. the 9th circuit decided to rehear this case en banc.


  13. Thats crazy. Whoever did that is insane. If you really want to check for Ibuprofin find a diffrent way. She’s 13, so have the cops do something if it’s really nessecary. That school should be sued for every cent it owns. Thats the most disturbing thing I have ever herd.

  14. i think that the school is so stuiped that they have to strip serched? no i think that the school didnt do it for the adivl but for grins and giggles. i strongly suggust the parrent[s] sue the school.

  15. Why not tell these people and organizations how you feel?

    Vice Principal Kerry Wilson
    Principal Robert Beeman
    Superintendent Mark Tregaskes
    Safford, Arizona Middle School

    734 11Th Street
    Safford, AZ 85546
    Phone Number: (928) 348-7040


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