Who Will Be Left to Fight?

September 28, 2007 at 7:13 am | Posted in Bush, Cheney, crooks & liars, government, political, president, war | Leave a comment
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As many have suspected for a long time now it seems the Bush crime syndicate is gearing up to attack Iran. Since Myanmar has oil they have suddenly become concerned about human rights abuses occurring in that country, so I imagine they will be the next target.   Here in the U.S. it seems as though our human rights are being depleted at approximately the same rate as our domestic oil supplies.

We have a finite number of troops to fight your wars, dumbya, and you’re spending them as carelessly as a kid in a candy store. Of the men and women of our armed services who are still alive and physically and mentally able to serve how are you planning on distributing these precious resources over even more fighting?   Some of these people have done two, three, four tours in Iraq and they are exhausted. We have to ask why? Could it be because our fighting forces have been too depleted and there are not enough people left to fight?

I understand that to you, George, these lives are nothing more than a means to your own insane ends, but to some of us these are important and meaningful human lives. It’s too bad you haven’t given the lives of our troops the same concern and consideration that you have to a few stem cells that have been thrown in the trash.

So how are you going to pull it off?  Are you planning on sending the twins over for a tour or two in the middle east? Maybe for shits and giggles you and Laura can go into the front lines without any body armor or armored vehicles and lend a hand.  Cheney, of course should go, we already know he can shoot people.  Or… since you are acting like a third world tyrant, perhaps our army will consist of little children who will be forced to take up arms and fight.


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