Ass Cracks Should be Outlawed – Urge Congress to Pass a Resolution

September 25, 2007 at 6:29 am | Posted in humor, I'm just saying, modern trends, social comment | 3 Comments
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I received this email from a close friend today. The signature is omitted to protect the guilty.

OK! Historically, exposed ass cracks have not been a good thing – think of the plumber’s (or insert whatever grody tradesman you wish) crack. Yuck! Then women decided that they would appropriate this fashion by wearing low slung jeans. Arguably, this is not as bad as the plumber’s crack, and I am sure there are some (ok many) men who find this type of exposed crack to be quite lovely. But now, the exposed ass crack has been adopted by regular men. I have looked up at least three times in the last week to see a 20 or 30 something male crack staring back at me – at lunch, bending down to get something from a vending machine… Double ew! At least the plumber’s crack didn’t jump up and startle you in the middle of a latte, you knew to expect it and you could count on it departing until another item of yours needed repairing.

Can’t you ask your friend the blogger to do something about this?



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  1. When you outlaw butt cracks, please include boob cracks and pierced things that should never be pierced. Like noses and ears and tongues and .. well ‘naughty bits’. And tattoos. Anytime you find someone under 21 with a tattoo, *someone* should be going to prison for statutory rape and mutilation.

    Especially for pierced and tattooed butt craps. Yipes!

  2. I wonder why it was sent to YOU Honjii? Is it possible it was a not-so-subtle hint? Been sagging your pants a little?

  3. Not me, but if I did no one would complain a bit.

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