If We’re Going to Pass a Resolution for Every Damn Thing…..

September 21, 2007 at 8:21 am | Posted in Bush, government, political, political rants, president, rants, stupidity, war | 2 Comments

…then how about the senate passing a resolution officially declaring that Bush is an idiotic, evil, sociopath and that the entire Bush administration is comprised of self serving, power hungry, constitution ignoring, power abusing, crooks and liars.

I can’t believe that there are not more pressing matters to be discussed in the senate, that time and resources need to be wasted on passing a resolution to condemn MoveOn, which as far as I’m concerned is tantamount to passing a resolution condemning free speech.

Americans, you have officially been put on notice to shut the hell up!


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  1. I guess the summer has been too hot and too long. We have the Jena 6, we have President Bush irate over Iran .. and Afghanistan .. and Iraq .. and Syria .. and seems to be indifferent to the human rights violations and espionage and corruption in Mexico.

    Or maybe the people of substance have gone back to school, to study or teach. Leaving the .. umm, others? .. to act out.

    I mean, this morning the president of the Winfield, KS. board of education commented about teachers wanting more salary raise than the school board offered, raising possibility of a teacher strike. The gentleman stated ‘that’s democracy at work’. At least, that was the taped quote on News Cow (http://www.newscow.net/) reported on KSOK radio this morning. Twice. What? That is economic pressures at work, that is organized labor exerting influence, that is arguably a free market at work. Democracy? Citizens voting to determine public policy or leadership? Nope. And I would have *hoped* the head of the school board knew the difference.

    Maybe last summer was a bumper-crop sized class of bozos graduating, and now they are all going to work.

  2. The answer is quite simple: take advantage at every opportunity to demoralize the enemy (big-government, big-taxation pro-Bush fanatics):

    Refuse to assist or help anyone if they vote for this scum who try to outlaw MoveOn.org.

    Take away their food. Take away their water.
    Take away their electricity. Take away their medicine. Farmers, employees of the water company, of the electric company, and medical workers — take heed!

    if one of them dies in Iraq or dies of cancer or gets maimed by some accident, or get gunned down in some school, laugh and cheer.

    THAT is how you win in the long term.

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