Caution, Your Penis Could Be a Lightening Rod

September 21, 2007 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous, strange news | 9 Comments
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To all the guys who think of the world as your urinal because you have the advantage of whipping it out anywhere and any time nature calls, be warned. One guy’s family jewel was struck by lightening when he stopped to take a leak by the side of the road. More (new window)

Knowing how men like to brag about the power of their members, I guess this guy has earned bragging rights. He’ll probably start calling it the rod of steel, or the tower of power or something like that.



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  1. So, this is what u do in the morning-looking for the lightning rod of the day???

  2. I have seen a cowboy device for cowgirls, a plastic thingy that you stick through an open fly, and then pee as the guys do. A sort of modified turkey baster. If you are that unhappy with the disparity, and would like to sign your initials in the snow, please let me know, and I will try to find the link again. Washable, fits easily in the saddle bags (which you tie onto the saddle on your horse). Be the talk of camp, and stop dropping trou to pee.

    And it is plastic, should be less .. exposure .. to lightning.

    Scott Adams on the Dilbert Blog is explaining today why the discovery of stem cells in men’s balls proves that God exists. This *has* to be a cosmic joke – that scrotum hold the key to curing disease.

  3. Brad,
    Actually out of curiosity if you can find the link I would like to see it. Oddly enough last weekend, while hiking in the mountains with my boyfriend, I complained about how easy it was for him to pee in the bushes. He said someone should invent a device such as the one you describe.

    Thanks for pointing me to the article on the Dilbert Blog.

  4. If you say people should and can respect each other because of
    differences of opinion, then you absolutely have to respect a person
    no matter whether they say that making copies of
    copyrighted videotapes is perfectly legal or
    that one should blow up the White House
    or kill the president or rape children whether for good reasons or bad.
    It also follows that you do not believe in “mental sickness” at all,
    so you cannot call the opposing person “crazy”.

    Furthemore, since either one side or the other must have its way,
    then you absolutely have to respect the opposing side if they
    have their way, no matter whether they make copies of copyrighted
    videotapes or blow up the White House
    or kill the president or rape children whether for good reasons or bad.

    I am sick of reading all these cutesy nauseating little anectodal stories and sarcastic comments about Christians. You just need to lay it on the line the way THEY do. ANY time that any of them ever speaks in their church, atheists need to blow that incident up and say that if allowed to persist, the religionists will soon be invading OUR private property. Therefore, we atheists and animal rights activitsts are fully justed in making pre-emptive strikes against churches, by burning them down, because the negative
    –of people being imprisoned for trivialities such as promoting atheisms, and consequential trivialities such as not appearing in court or having to gun down an arresting police officer
    to prevent them from committing terrorism against us — is INFINITELY greater than the triviality of
    some Baptist church losing only 1 of a billion places for its silly ceremonies.
    Does not matter whether military or cilivian.

    Kathy Griffin and the producers of award shows have the legal right to say what they want on their shows. Period.

  5. Dr. Sorton,
    Doctor? You must be a doctor of CRAZY! Your comment has nothing to do with Honjii’s post which is basically just a strange story about some poor dude’s weenie that got struck by lightening. Nothing you say comes even close to addressing what she wrote. Get help man.

  6. Dr. Kenneth Sorton,
    I’ve heard of reading between the lines, but you apparently got something out of my post that just isn’t there.

    From a short, news of the strange, post about a man’s penis being struck by lightening you somehow found some political and religious content? Could you please cite specifically where you found said content as it was not what I wrote about, nor was there any intended sub-text, hidden meaning, etc.

    Perhaps Monique is right and you are just (let me paraphrase) misguided.

  7. Your Penis Could Be a Lightening Rod

    COULD BE? How ’bout IS?

  8. Ummmm. “Dr.”Sorton. You are a crazy ass bastard!! Either that or you mistakenly replied to some other post (or voice in your head)!

  9. […] Caution, Your Penis Could Be a Lightening Rod […]

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