Who Said the White House Disregards the Constitution!

September 20, 2007 at 11:36 am | Posted in Bush, crooks & liars, government, humor, PhotoShop Fun, political, political rants, president, war | 2 Comments



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  1. Oh, now that is just silly.

    We know that President Bush wouldn’t use anything like that.

    Printed toilet paper was linked to increased risk of colon cancer.

    Too bad Pres. Bush senior wasn’t told that Jockey briefs are linked to infertility and birth defects… Now, if the toilet paper had been about ethics, telling the truth, or the Bill of Rights, that I might believe. Could we get a ‘safe ink’ roll printed up with the ten commandments? Or maybe scenes from Evan Almighty, which was about truth in government over special interests. But I doubt President Bush would appreciate that. Mrs. Bush might.

  2. You know…you could actually get some of those printed. Google gives me http://www.printedtp.com and a few others.

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