Having Difficulty Deciding Where to Vacation, Try the Penis Museum

September 9, 2007 at 1:42 am | Posted in humor, sex, strange news | 1 Comment
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Yep, there is actually a penis museum, but if you want to visit you’ll have to go to Iceland. The Icelandic Phallological Museum located in Húsavík has over 200 specimens from every mammal in and around Iceland. As yet they don’t have an entire human penis (just a foreskin) however several donors have come forward offering their members upon their deaths. One of the donors has supplied a mold so that museum visitors can see what they have to look forward too someday.

I especially like a quote from one website (new window), bold added by me for emphasis.

Volcanoes and geysers. Blondes. Fresh cod. High literacy rates. Midnight sun. These are a few of the things we instantly associate with Iceland.

But the tiny Nordic nation is also packed with pickled peckers.

After reading the entertaining story about the phallic gallery, I wondered if somewhere, equal time had been given to the vagina. A google search turned up The Vulva Museum (new window), which turns out to be an online museum displaying photos of artwork based on (what else) the vulva.

If you can’t arrange a trip to the Phallogical Museum, don’t despair, there is you can still take the virtual vaginal vulva tour.


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  1. I met a woman near San Hose 20 years ago. She did bronze castings of realistic and idealized vulvas.

    Her works were interesting, attractive, and meaningful as well as symbolic. Sensual without being gaudy or vulgar.

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