Is Craig a Criminal or Just a Common Hypocrite?

September 2, 2007 at 4:04 am | Posted in Current Events, hypocrisy, I'm just saying, political, sex | 5 Comments

Everybody’s talking about Senator Craig who seems to be living on the “down low”. Some of my comments will surprise those who know me well, as it is my habit to blame the republicans for everything. I get a flat tire, stub my toe, find an error on the phone bill…I blame the republicans.

Certainly Craig is guilty of being a hypocrite, which should come as no surprise as I think it is a requirement if you want a career in politics. But I’m still not sure exactly what his crime was? I understand he tried to pick up a guy, (who happened to be an undercover cop on a sting) in a restroom. I don’t think he suggested they get it on right then and there, nor did he try to force the guy to perform any sex act against his will. As I understand it, the intended pickup-ee was in a bathroom stall…now here is where I just have to veer off on a tangent….I’m imagining the cop’s job description must have gone something like this:

  • Enter men’s room
  • Drop drawers
  • Sit on crapper
  • Wait for someone to stare at you through the crack between the door and frame
  • If starer enters adjacent stall watch for foot to creep under divider
  • Arrest pervert!

Ok back to my point. Unless I’m missing something this was a pick-up attempt. Craig was probably encouraged by the fact that after he stared into the stall, the person within didn’t say something like, “Hey pal, take a hike or I’ll come out there and punch your fucking lights out!” People hit on others they find attractive all the time, be they gay or straight, and it happens in all kinds of public places. My question is, exactly when and how did this particular incident cross the line from a pick-up attempt to a crime?



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  1. Great Blog, I just rolled you. I don’t know why I haven’t visited sooner.

  2. I recall the wonderful flick (I have the laserdisc) of Demi Moore’s ‘Striptease’. At the end a corrupt congressman, caught with bloody rock in hand and trousers tossed aside (Burt Reynolds), surrounded by cops and strippers, telling the news camera, “There comes a time in every politician’s career when he has to think of the future!”

    It sounds more like a bad movie script than a crime.

    I mean, how different is it to pick up a partner in the men’s room, or a partner in a bar or dating web site? Unless there was promise or demand for money.. But wait, wouldn’t that be like a lady holding out for an engagement ring or wedding vows before getting physical? Oh, well. Too confusing.

  3. well a petty criminal..the BIG deal is he is part of a powerful group that lobbied to limit civil rights for gays.

    An extreme analogy – but think of a Jew pretending to be German and joining the Nazi party in 1939 to benefit himself; or a white-looking black person joining the KKK and working for them.

    Craig has been active in a movement that harmed civil rights for lots of people, not just gays. His private life is private, but when he is in a position of power, and that power bloc is active in polarizing people and mongering hate, and he is playing both sides, that is the big back story here.

  4. Grace, I completely agree, that’s why I refer to Craig as a hypocrite. Certainly he is a lying sleezebag who speaks from both sides of his mouth (which I think is the definition of a politician) and your analogies are good ones. Much as I would love seeing all these guys convicted of crimes in this particular incident I’m just not sure what it was.

  5. […] There have been Muslims living and working among us in the US for a long time. You probably had no idea which of your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends may have been Muslim. Remember Muhammad Ali, he was Muslim. It wasn’t until we entered the information age and news of radical Islamic sects became noticed for committing acts of terrorism did our awareness of the Islamic religion increase. There have been terrorist acts committed by other radicals in the name of other religions yet people do not react by condemning an entire religion or its people. When Christian radicals bomb buildings, abortion clinics, murder physicians that perform abortions, no one condemns the entire religion. Believe me, I’m no defender of religion, if you know me or have followed my blog, there is no doubt about where I stand. However, I have an extreme sense of fairness and when I see this kind of unfairness it gets my dander up. (Kind of like the time I found myself in the unenviable position of defending a republican, Larry Craig). […]

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