iPod, iPhone, and Now the iCar

September 1, 2007 at 3:24 am | Posted in Consumer Issues, Current Events, humor, modern trends, News, social comment, What if? | 1 Comment
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I call them the pod people. If they don’t have a cel phone seemingly permanently attached to their ears the iPod ear buds quickly take their place. With the iPhone it’s no longer necessary to make the switch.

Apple and Volkswagen are mulling the possible of building a new vehicle called the “iCar more (new window)

When the iCar is released on the market I suppose we will see thousands lined up outside dealerships for days waiting for the chance to be the first iDrivers of the new iCars. What next?  Will Apple team up with a major home builder to create the iHouse with an attached iGarage for the iCar. Perhaps they will build entire iSubdivisions or iCities teeming with pod people who will marry and have iWeddings, where instead of a band all guests simply sync up their iPods. Imagine the joyous occasion when the newlyweds give birth to an iBaby.   iVey!


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  1. Apple embodies everything I hate about marketing…

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