If You Had Any Doubts About Evolution

August 31, 2007 at 11:53 pm | Posted in Bush, creationism, evolution, intelligent design, president, Religion, science | 13 Comments

Striking resemblance wouldn’t you say?bush-and-chimp.jpg

Though I think the one on the right looks much smarter.



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  1. of course, the right one is the smarter 😛

  2. Question is, is Bush really evolved from an animal? The animal has no choice, but Bush has chosen to run primarily on his animal nature rather than his spiritual nature, like most greed and power hungry politicians.
    It says even more about those who voted for him and the system in general…

  3. hahaha…

  4. hah!

  5. No, this is just a coincidence. You could probably find pigs and camels that look like President Bush, too. There are lots of camels and pigs, one must look like presidential material, too.

  6. “Most of the domesticated primates of Terra did not know they were primates. They thought they were something apart from and “superior” to the rest of the planet.” -Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy

  7. Yeah, President Bush is an idiot. Since 9/11 we’ve suffered so many terrorist attacks.

    Oh wait. Never mind. There haven’t been anymore attacks on American soil. President Bush has been wildly successful on the economy and homeland defense. I guess if you don’t have anything to actually make fun of him for, you can always find a picture of a monkey. People love monkeys.

    “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God'” (Psalm 14:1).


  8. Bush is made in God’s image. God, too, is an idiot.

  9. I find this post extremely insulting – how dare you besmirch the good name of this poor chimpanzee by comparing him to Bush!! 😉

  10. “Striking disrespect towards our country’s leader, wouldn’t you say?”

  11. Regarding evolution: nobody had a problem impeaching Clinton for acting on his animal instincts. And his instincts seemed far more benign than our current leader’s self-righteous Crusade against terror and all things un-American. Should not similar action be taken now?
    Respect needs to be earned, and neither title nor tenure offers exemption from that rule. So Bush had better put down his bible and read up on the US Constitution, because some of its contents seem to have been swept under the flag lately. Scary stuff.

  12. To musingsofabittergirl,
    I had the exact thoughts you expressed, however, I wrote to the chimp explaining what I wanted to do and in the interest of science, this handsome devil agreed to allow his photo to be used. By the way you will notice I didn’t say in which direction evolution was going.

    To rpolhemus,
    I couldn’t agree more. Even if he were willing (and I have my doubts), do you suppose Bush has the ability to read and comprehend the constitution? Do you know if the people who publish the “For Dummies” books have “The Constitution for Dummies”? If so someone please send him a copy. Though I fear that may be beyond dumbya’s abilities. He would need a book called, “READ THIS YOU MEGLOMANIACAL, MORON. IT’S THE CONSTITUTION AND EVEN YOU ARE BOUND TO UPHOLD IT!”

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