August 30, 2007 at 7:57 pm | Posted in I'm just saying, Miscellaneous | 5 Comments

Grief is tangible.
It’s solid and heavy;
as a rock
that I could hold in my hands,
if I could take it from the pit
of my stomach
where it resides.



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  1. And yet, we understand that grief is a process. The separation of our lives of today from the loves of yesterday is a little death. The passing of time and the confrontation of grief open us to the bindings and devotions of tomorrow.


  2. Grief-a very deep, heavy emotion emanating from the ability to feel as a human being. The opposite of joy which also emanates from the abiltiy to feel as a human being. And, believing and knowing that both exist within our humaneness should enable us with the ability to ‘manage’ these emotions. To ‘manage’ means having and utilizing the ability to ‘be’, there. So, be there; feel the grief, the pain, and feel it deeply-and, then knowing that this is a ‘part’ of being, consciously turn away from the sadness and grief and move in the direction of ‘OKness’ one small step at a time. Move in the direction and on the path to ‘joy’, and soon you will be there.

  3. yes, it will reside there forever.
    but the heavy rock will lose it’s weight and turn into a tear. it will always be with you, but it will not weigh you down anymore as it does right now.
    you will love again. and you will be hurt again.
    that is the nature of this realm that we all are living in.
    this is a wonderful poem that captures the feeling of grieve in a most profound way.
    i wish i could give you hope – i know it is there, i know it! – but at the moment i can just share my tears….

  4. Honjii,
    I’m guessing that you wrote this poem because you lost someone recently. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

  5. Thank you all for your heartfelt comments.

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