Assuming We Have One, Will It Be Stolen Again?

August 22, 2007 at 11:02 am | Posted in Bush, Cheney, crooks & liars, elections, government, political campaigns, president | 2 Comments

Does it matter who gets the democratic nomination?  The republicans stole the last election so what guarantees do we have they won’t do it again?  Steal from me and I’m not going to trust you again.  I used to believe that corrupt elections only occurred in countries run by evil dictators, oh wait, that would be us wouldn’t it?

As far as I know, no real safeguards have been put in place to insure that people aren’t denied their rights to vote, and that all votes will be counted.  Honestly!


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  1. I am a believer. I believe that crime might pay once or twice, but we get better each time at covering our butts. I believe that with all the thousands of shady characters out to get *their* candidate elected, there are still millions of us looking for shenanigans that might cheat *our* candidate.

    Until we screen political office applicants for character, and screen all campaign staffs for character, and all advertisers and their staffs for character – no. I won’t promise crap won’t happen. But for all the cynical Hollywood movies about political shenanigans, one of the more recent was ‘Evan Almighty’ (Morgan Freeman is killer in that roll. “Your plans!” Also his ‘opportunities’ line.)

    Sorry, just feeling a bit silly today. And hoping, just a bit, that Hilary and company *do not* get elected back to Washington, D.C. in any capacity. Yep. Just silly.

  2. Well, then I was reading Wired news, and it seems California is buying a bunch of uncertified voting machines, or ES&S is selling machines that someone, especially California, thinks are certified, only they aren’t.

    Of course, the article doesn’t claim that the machines don’t work as well or better than the certified ones. It is just that certifying sounds more better. But I still like the old ‘Chicago Rules’ – vote early, vote often!


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