Who Needs Terrorists When We’ve Got Outsourcing

August 19, 2007 at 4:14 am | Posted in News, rants, terrorism | 8 Comments

We send jobs out of the country because the labor is cheap and the laws regarding how labor is treated range from lax to non-existent.  This boosts the bottom line for companies doing the outsourcing and has allowed executives to “earn” obscene amounts of money.   At one time I thought this was pretty short-sighted on the part of those in charge, thinking that eventually their actions would have a trickle-up effect.   If they kept putting Americans out of work by sending jobs out of the country, who would be left with the ability to afford to purchase their products (assuming the US to be the major market), eventually bankrupting the company.

That was naiive on my part, when in truth the company itself hardly mattered.  A CEO making hundreds of millions of dollars plus all kinds perks probably isn’t too concerned with job security.  One or two years with that kind of salary and some careful planning and somehow I’d manage to squeak by.

In addition to putting Americans out of work we seem to have a wee bit of an issue with quality control.  Just little things like poisonous pet food, toothpaste, some human food, toxic toys, and who knows what else coming from China.  If the damage done to the economy by these practices doesn’t destroy us perhaps the poisonous products will.  If you decide to buy American and look for the “made in America” label what does that really mean?  Does it mean the company headquarters is on American soil but the product was physically manufactured elsewhere?  Even if a product was made or assembled here, do we know where or how the components were made?

So if there are any terrorists out there that want to destroy the U.S. just sit back and enjoy the show.  You don’t need to plot, conspire, expend any energy doing anything but watching and waiting while good old home grown stupidity and greed does the job for you



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  1. Good point.

  2. I don’t disagree with everything you say here, but the idea that outsourcing (off shore) is somehow hurting the US just isn’t backed up by the data. If you listen to economists not appearing on Fox News they mostly say that outsourcing has a pretty insignificant impact on the job market, in fact unemployment in the US has gone down over the last 10 years which coincides with an outsourcing boom. This is not to say that for any individual to lose his job to outsourcing doesn’t suck, but for him it would suck just as much if the job went to Indiana as to India.

    I don’t know what the guys who are making the toxic toothpaste in China are doing with their money, but over here in India people are buying Levi’s and eating at McDonalds. Don’t overlook what makes Americans and the American economy so great, it’s the flexibility and innovation. People change jobs, they retrain; New England turned abandoned shoe manufacturing plants into computer plants and software houses. Keep moving up the food chain, that what the US does better than anyone else in the world.

  3. Shamrin,
    In the U.S. Fox News is considered a joke. Some refer to it as one of the best comedy shows going, so if that’s where you’re getting your information you might want to dig a little further. Since you live in India, not the U.S. I can see why you would take a different view of outsourcing since your country is huge benefactor. Quite frankly, though, the customer service and tech support we receive from your fellow citizens is a joke at best and an exercise in extreme frustration at worst. The agents are difficult to communicate with, un-cooperative, and very poorly trained.

  4. Actually, my reference to Fox News was purposeful, I’m pretty familiar with their rather odd way of presenting news.

    As far as the quality of tech support, your point is taken, I know there is often frustration with the quality of customer service and technical support these days. All I can say about that is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Ultimately the solution will be that Indian call centres need to wake up to the whole idea of providing world-class customer service, not just inexpensive call handling – some of us are there I think. But also US companies have to care enough about their customers to be willing to spend the required funds on training and QA, whether those calls are answered here in India or the US.

  5. You got it Honji. Right now corporations run the country since they fund the political campaigns and get our leaders elected.

    And corporations as a true entity or idea currently will often exist only for the length of time required for the CEO to ‘go public’ or sell his mess off to someone else.

    The old fashioned idea of a company with a visionary at the helm and idea worth marketing as a product is fading away. Companies are now collections of other failing companies they bought up, and short term profit for the highly paid executives is their only goal. They leave one company, and get put in charge at the next to ‘turn it’ for a profit.

    It’s the new game, but in the end – everyone loses (except the CEOs who by now have the money to hire people to hand make their clothing and can buy only organic food farmed on their personal land).

    Skilled manufacturing has largely now been outsourced, and the jobs you see now in the US are low paid service industry jobs – the middle class has fallen out of the picture. The poor are getting poorer and the rich richer. The US now has a greater disparity between rich and poor than India does!

    Thanks G8, thanks WTO, thanks Bushes AND Clintons.

    Other countries are getting our outsourced industry only because they are cheap and easy to exploit compared to unionized workers in the west – it is nothing other than corporate profiteers at work.

    And our corporations don’t give a rats patootie about the quality of either products or services from the companies they outsource to in India or China. Because the US economy is in the toilet now and the poor are poorer, people need cheaper products – it’s all they can afford these days. They have no choice but to buy back the crap produced by the people they lost their jobs to.

    So the companies know they can get away with the bare minimum that is required to bring a product to market. Or the bare minimum of customer service – thanks to the Federal deregulation of so many of these industries that were once considered ‘vital public services’ rather than for profit industries it is more possible now than ever.

    People of the US need to wake up and vote in some real change – change I do not see coming from Democrats or Republicans.

  6. Anyone who believes outsourcing is good makes me sick. Who the hell is going to have money to buy crappy products if you send the jobs to india and china. It boggles my mind how this countries officials could be ok with these companies raping our land for profits and giving nothing back to our people. Gas is at an all time high and Greed as well. Companies like Vonage who’s call centers are in india employ morons with poor english and bogus names like “john smith” yea ok aptar patel. where you have to repeat your number slowly 4 times before they understand you. “pibe pour pour pree pix wun vero” what ever happened to beefing up our country. seems to me like the only thing beefing up is Benedict Arnold CEO’s pockets and politicians who look the other way cause their pockets are padded. “MADE IN AMERICA” much like Merry Christmas is a thing of the past…”happy holidays” and “MADE IN CHINA” is why this country is going to hell.

  7. TYPO: this country’s

  8. Ok folks, let’s remember how outsourcing began. We are a market economy. We are free to make individual purchasing choices. I challenge all of you to look around your homes and see where your items are manufactured. Let’s also remember that factory jobs are low paying and low skill level jobs. Let’s also remember, that when you speak to someone at an Indian call center, they probably have a completed college. Can you say that American call center employees have even completed high-school? Unless Americans want to pay more taxes, we will continue to be a market economy and until Americans learn to pay more for their goods, we will continue to outsource those coveted factory jobs. And by the way, bittergirl, surely you cannot be referring to the likes of Rockefeller. He and his cohorts were visionaries alright, they invented the monopoly and spurred antitrust legislation!

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