Gay Marriage Should be a Non-Issue

August 12, 2007 at 1:14 am | Posted in bigotry, crooks & liars, god, rants, Religion, stupidity | 24 Comments

Too many people place great importance on a given politician’s position on the issue of gay marriage.  Debate about whether or not to allow gays to marry has no place in politics, local or national.  When it comes right down to it spending government  resources on this issue is a violation of church and state.  Frankly I’m tired of hearing about it and I wish certain segments of this society would grow up.

Let’s not try to kid ourselves into believing that any objections to gay marriage are not based entirely on religious beliefs.  The same people who keep telling us that marriage is a union between a man and a woman are the same people that have been trying to cram their beliefs down the throats of the rest of us for as long as I can remember.

Marriage should be available to anyone who is of legal age.  To those who object so strongly to allowing gays to marry my question is, how does this affect you?  If a gay couple in the next block marries and nobobdy makes a big damn deal about it you wouldn’t even know they were there.



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  1. Well put.

    If a specific Church does not want to marry gay people, then that is its own prerogative as a private institution. But you’re completely right: politics has no place in it.

  2. Do you think polygamic marriages should be legal (sanctioned by law) as well?

  3. […] Gay Marriage Should be a Non-Issue Too many people place great importance on a given politician’s position on the issue of gay marriage.  […] […]

  4. Absolutely right! But Republicans use the issue to distract voters from the horror they have caused while in office. Just one more way they want to run our lives.

  5. I agree with you! Absolutely right! If the United States were truly as free as we claim it to be, then gay marrage would be allowed.

  6. 20 years ago I worked in Silicon Valley (near San Jose, CA). I was amused at a radio piece on a report released by the San Francisco school system, I think. A bunch of activist parents wanted to forbid letting lesbian couples have custody of kids, claiming the ‘unnatural’ environment was bad for the kids.

    The school board checked. It seems kids living in lesbian households averaged better grades, fewer emotional adjustment issues, and overall did batter than kids in mother/father two parent convential households.

    Which went a long ways toward slamming the door on the activist parents.

    I agree. Let adults marry.

  7. I totally agree with you… i think the gay marriage drama has gone on long enough … i say allow gay marriage to be legal and just move on… a lot of other countries have already legalized gay marriage 15 years ago and the list of the continues to grow. yet america is still juggling the idea, when the truth is; its inevitable. why must we let something linger for so long when the outcome is going to be the same no matter how we look at it… People wake up its 2007!!!! The baby boomer generation or what ever generation controls the youth know need to realize that times are changing and we all need to let go of moral and beliefs at some point its a fact of life…

  8. It’s a real pity that some people still can’t discern the division between church and state. It’s not a psychological or biological issue, it’s simply religious conservatism at work again. Christians especially should be mindful that theirs isn’t the only religion on the planet.

  9. “When it comes right down to it spending government resources on this issue is a violation of church and state. ”

    Really? And where does this “violation of church and state” come from?
    The first amendment? No. See, NOWHERE is there any “violation of church and state” in the constitution. There is, however the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States which reads
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceable to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Nope, not in there, or anywhere else for that matter.
    Secondly, and to quote you again “When it comes right down to it spending government resources on this issue is a violation of church and state.”
    Spending government resources on an issue raised by the people of this country is not a violation of anything. It is the REASON WHY we have a government which is representative of the people.

    I will also agree with you when you said “Too many people place great importance on a given politician’s position on the issue of gay marriage” and I think some people are fanatics about the issue.

    I will openly admit that I am a Christian, believing in God, and I believe, and read that carefully, I BELIEVE that gay marriage/relationships are wrong according to my beliefs but I’m not going to force (and never have to this day) the issue or my beliefs onto anybody.

  10. i agree with the above post. heck im not even american, but if half of the population cares about gay marriage and whether it should be legal or not then of course it should be an issue of politics. Thats what a democracy is for silly. you cant just push it aside and stamp it religious, these things need to be raised in government and decided on…

  11. Davidforyou and John Ball, I think the point Honjii is making is exactly waht her title says, that it should be a non-issue. I’m sure at least half the country thinks we should go to a (Christian) church every Sunday, believe in Jesus, and have formal prayer in public schools. The other half might think we should dance naked in a coven every time there is a full moon. Just because half the people want it doesn’t justify making it a government issue.

    I’ll bet at least half the folks out there didn’t want to invade Iraq, did you see them talking up so much timefor that cause, HUH?

    Sorry but you guys are way off base.

  12. well i guess it depends on what you define to be a government issue then really doesnt it?
    what justifies a government issue then? if something thats an issue for half the population isnt good enough.

  13. Well, isn’t this special. Has anyone ever bothered to look up the dictionary definition of ‘marriage’???? Interesting, that the dictionary has multiple defintions. Are we to assume that all are valid? and, one has the option of ‘choosing’ which one to believe, claim as valid, to the exclusion of the others??? Hmmm. Well, I ‘choose’ the definition that says ‘a union between two people’ chosen freely by those two people. How frightening.

  14. You are soooo right!
    it is a shame that one even has to talk about it.
    Being homosexual is a most natural thing and to only allow SOME people to get married but not others is a violation of equal rights, the constitution, and, and, and.
    Outlaw religion and these things hopefully won’t happen anymore.

  15. Nikola,

    Do you think polygamic marriages should be legal (sanctioned by law) as well

    If you are referring to the polygamists that have made the news over the last couple of years, that believe in forced marriages of underaged girls…then absolutely not. But if consenting adults (with all parties in agreement)want to enter into a plural or other non-traditional marriage, why not? If two men and I decide we want to marry how does this affect you?

  16. I think that gay marriage shouldn’t be an issue at all. Garling Gauge has an interesting take on it that changes the way I thought of it:

  17. I just want to point out that “gay marriage” is legal. They can get married today without any problems – but it must be to the opposite sex. There is no discrimination on this matter in our country. Same sex marriage is what is illegal. The institution of marriage between one man and one woman is foundational to every society in the history of the world and must be protected.

  18. Tom,
    I’m impressed. I’ve never run across anyone who had knowledge of

    every society in the history of the world

    Should we take your word for it? Do you have some credentials in this area?

    Why must marriage between a man and a woman be protected? If we allow same sex marriage, how does this affect you?

    By the way, is that John Wayne as your avatar? That could be a clue as to how you would answer my questions.

  19. To me it is necessary to find

  20. personally, i think that it isnt right to judge people based on their sexuality or any other reason for that matter.
    i mean come on america, WAKE UP!! think abuot it, if most of america was filled with gay people, and then straight people were getting judged, how well would that look? every single person on this planet is entirely equal! we all live and we all die.
    and maybe that’s what america needs to think about.

  21. There is a really intense debate going on about this over at riled up:

  22. Honjii, I know I’m late to your discussion but wanted to say I totally agree. Believe it or not, not all Republicans are against gay marriage. Some – like me – think it’s absurd that it is even an issue open for debate. I hate politicians. They polarize these issues and give everyone the impression that if you think this way, you’re a Democrat and if you think that way, you’re a Republican. I am a fiscal conservative but believe in individual rights. Most of the Republicans I know are like that, too. In fact the majority (more than 70%) of Republicans are pro-choice.

    Anyway, nicely written piece.

  23. I enjoyed your writing style and I’ve added you to my Reader. Keep these posts coming.

  24. I really enjoyed the article. It is always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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