Guess What is Being Given Away on Craigslist

August 4, 2007 at 5:35 am | Posted in Bush, Cheney, crooks & liars, Current Events, government, political, president, U.S. Constitution, war | 9 Comments

Free to Good Home
One once gently used, recently abused United States Constitution. This document was once respected and revered. Most of us hate to part with it, but as it is a much loved and respected old friend we have to do what is best for our dear constitution. If there is any country out there that promises to give it a good home (references required) with leaders that won’t abuse it, please send an email with a paragraph or two listing your qualifications, and describing how you would care for it.



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  1. You didn’t happen to get a full copy of this did you? It’s already been flagged for removal and can’t be viewed:(

  2. TPO,
    Hmm, I just clicked the link and it’s still there.
    In any case, the above quote is the full text of the ad, I just included the link for those who wanted to see for themselves.

  3. […] Guess What is Being Given Away on Craigslist Free to Good Home One once gently used, recently abused United States Constitution. This document was once respected […] […]

  4. wats ^^^^

  5. Hey Honjii, this has nothing to do with this post but I just noticed that you are the #1 fastest growing blog on WordPress! Congrats my friend!

  6. WOW, I missed that, but thanks for pointing it out, Gavin.

  7. If you’ve ever wanted someone to blame for all of your problems this snarky Craigslist user is claiming responsibility:

  8. TPO,
    I wondered why this post would be taken off Craig’s List, I don’t see nuthin’ wrong with it so I did some digging. You can go into the help forums to see why stuff gets removed. The person who made the post went on the forum and politely asked why it was removed, didn’t have a clue.

    Instead of being helpful the shitheads in the HELP forums were nothing but nasty. This was in San Francisco, where people are supposed to be liberal and nice. You would have thought it was Ala-fuckin-bama. The guy who wrote it was accused of being stupid, unpatriotic, a spammer, and all kinds of stuff. They were nothing but a bunch of mean spirited pricks. I thought Craig’s List was used by smarter folks than that. Geeze you’d a thought they guy was writing a post in favor of killing kittens or something.

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