Couldn’t We Just Commute Bush’s Presidency?

July 5, 2007 at 6:21 am | Posted in Bush, Current Events, government, News, political, political commentary, president, Scooter Libby, What if? | 7 Comments

Then he (and his administration) wouldn’t have to serve out the rest of the term?



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  1. I am laughing so hard right now! I was on another blogsite and saw your post topic and thought hey, this looks intersting I’ll check it out. So imagine my surprise when I clicked on it and saw your one-liner! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!

  2. I gotta agree with Biggie, that’s a good one Honjii. I wish we could really get rid of him that easily. Sign me up.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed, I love to make people laugh.

  4. Honjii-

    If we had the option to either commute the Bush administration or send it to the frontlines in Anbar Province, Iraq, which would you choose?

    I know what I’d do. =)

    Let’s see how pro-gun Bush and Cheney are when they come under insurgent fire.

  5. Uh, yes, please?

  6. Edna,
    Oh damn such a tough choice, I choose commute the Bush Administration and send them to Iraq without proper body armor or protective vehicles. In a post
    awhile back I had fun with photoshop while I entertained just such a fantasy.

  7. We would just vanish them. Gone with the wind to never appear again. It´s time to get rid of these criminals!

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