Scooter Skates – Could Bush Be Hiding Something?

July 4, 2007 at 8:28 am | Posted in Bush, government, irony, political, political commentary, president, Scooter Libby | 3 Comments

I’m starting to wonder if Bush’s idiocy is an academy award level performance to cover up what a calculating evil bastard he really is, or are his strings being operated by the evil puppet master, Cheney.  Either way commuting Libby’s sentence rather than issuing a pardon is a highly strategic move that will have the effect of keeping Libby from giving further, possibly incriminating evidence implicating Bush in illegal activities.  As long as Libby’s sentence is on record, and is in the appeals process he can remain silent, however, had he been pardoned he would be required to testify before a grand jury (or other investigative body), could not plead the fifth, and any refusal to cooperate would cause him to be held in comtempt.


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