Rob People Legally, Start an Insurance Company

July 1, 2007 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Consumer Issues, corporate bullys, government, health care, humor, modern trends | 8 Comments

I just returned home from seeing Michael Moore’s latest movie, SiCKO.  In addition to doing an excellent job of pointing out the sad state of health care in the U.S. it brought up thoughts I’ve had in the past about insurance companies.  It’s not just health insurance, it’s the insurance industry in general that needs a major overhaul.  Insurance, especially health care coverage, is extremely expensive with policies so full of loopholes that enable them to deny claims or simply drop you as a customer.  I’ve often received notices of a rate increase along with letters telling me what benefits are being dropped.  Apparently the only party bound by the initial contract is the insured, the company can change the rules whenever and however it sees fit.  When dealing with insurance companies they act as though they have forgotten (or don’t give a rat’s ass) that those of us submitting claims aren’t receiving or asking for charity but for the service for which we are paying (dearly).

Wouldn’t you love to operate a company that was raking in so much money that you could turn business away if it appeared that the potential customer (read applicant) might actually want to receive value for their money?  Suppose supermarkets operated like insurance companies.  I imagine grocery shopping would go something like this:  At the door to the market you would be required to submit an application to shop, along with a non-refundable application fee.  If the market owner has reason to believe that you have consumed too many groceries in the past you are turned away.  If you are one of the lucky ones and your application is accepted you now pay a premium for the priveledge of  browsing the aisles and looking at the products.  However, should you decide to take one or more of the food products for which YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID, chances are you will not be allowed to shop at this store in the future.  Unfortunately once you are banned from one grocery store it  is very unlikely other stores will accept your business and you are now shit out of luck.

I’m thinking of starting another blog.  it will be subscription only, and for your monthly subscription fee you will not be allowed to read the blog, and if you do I’ll drop you like a hot potato.



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  1. Very entertaining and true….thanks for the dose of humor this morning!

  2. It would be much easier to just get elected to office. After all you can choose to live without insurance (like me), but you can’t refuse to pay taxes. Well you can, but they will just take everything you own and throw you in jail. :-).

    Happy 4th.

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  4. Haha. Well, I guess I don’t get points for originality in my most recent post, but at least we’re on the same page. I gather from the rest of your blog that you don’t like John McCain very much. We’re on the same page about that too…

  5. Thanks very much for this awesome blog post.

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    • I fail to see the connection between your comments and links to your site about Christmas gifts, and the post I wrote about insurance companies. Could this possibly be one of those feeble attempts to get your link in as many places as possible?
      Just to show you what a good sport I can be I will not delete your post or even edit out your links. I doubt that my readers (and I would certainly discourage them from doing so) will buy anything from someone so stupid as to not even try to disguise their attempt at spam by at least making their comment sound as though it is relevant to the subject matter being discussed.

  7. […] because this is an industry that is completely out of control.  A couple years ago I wrote a post about the manner in which insurance companies do business.  The business model is set up to screw […]

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