No Stem Cells for Dubya

June 22, 2007 at 12:02 am | Posted in Bush, Current Events, government, insanity, News, political, political commentary, political rants, science, stupidity | 4 Comments

Broken finger aside, I just have to comment. 

Bush used his veto pen once again, saying embryonic stem cell research is the unethical destruction of life.  The embryos used in research are those discarded by fertility clinics.  Apparently if you just toss them into the trash without using them to possibly benefit or save lives it is not considered destruction of life, according to Bush.   It seems to me the most ethical thing that can be done is to make use of these embryos’ potential for saving lives.

It’s ironic that Bush seems to care more about a few cells that would not be viable on their own, and are earmarked for disposal, than he does about the men and women who are losing their lives in the Iraq. 

Another possibility that occurs to me though.  Since the veto involves only government funding of stem cell research, perhaps his veto is to help out his buddies in the private sector who might benefit financially without having to compete with government funded research laboratories.

Well, Dumbya, all I can say is if you or one of your loved ones is ever in a life or death situation that can be helped as a result of stem cell research let’s just see how strong your moral and ethical convictions really are.  Oh wait, I think we’ve all already witnessed that on numerous occasions.



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  1. I have to say that Mr. Bush, with this veto and quote, has painted himself as the supreme two-faced liar of the free world. “Using human life to potentially save human life is morally wrong.” HELLLOOOOOO!!! Just what did you do when you sent our troops to Iraq???

    Mr. Bush – hear me — you are MORALLY WRONG ON ALL COUNTS!


  2. Really, Bush is such a muppet, I’m surprised he can sit the right way around on the toilet. Assuming that he can sit the right way around on the toilet. Perhaps Cheney helps.

    Seriously, I feel for the USA.

    And good luck with the finger.

  3. Very well writen 🙂 , and I agree 100%.

  4. He probably doesn’t even know what to use a toilet for. Except of course to flush discarded embryos and billions of dollars down the same.
    He is the personification of bigotry and we think that you are right, Honjii, with the assumption that he doesn’t fund stem cell research so the private sector can earn more without a lot of serious competition.

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