June 15, 2007 at 11:49 am | Posted in bigotry, Current Events, Miscellaneous, News, social comment, stupidity | 3 Comments

Last year I had two unpleasant encounters with a bigot.  She and her husband tried to excuse and blame her behavior on the fact that she was drunk.  I countered that I could get stinking drunk (which would take about a beer and a half) and that hateful bile wouldn’t come out of my mouth because it isn’t in me to begin with.  It’s kind of like that old computer programmers’ adage, garbage in garbage out.  Oddly enough shortly after my encounter Mel Gibson made news with his anti semitic tirade, and he too tried to blame it on the booze.  Not terribly long after it was Michael Richards who made news for screaming the N word at members of his audience.  The bigotry I encountered was directed at more than one particular group, mine included. 

 The first time it happened I ignored it, the second time she upped her game and I spoke up, saying how offended I was.  She told me, “that’s too bad!”  She tried to defend her position, and when that didn’t work she denied she was a bigot.  By this time the garbage that spewed from this woman’s mouth had all but rendered me speechless.  At this point she attempted to apologize which finshed the job of removing my ability to speak.   I had no idea what the hell she was apologizing for, being a racist or being found out.  Can one apologize for something like this?

In addition to the racism the woman was not a particularly pleasant person to be around.  She was loud, obnoxious, and completely self absorbed.   These encounters were the first and second (and last) time I had ever met this woman.  Someone very close to me has told me this is only a part of a person and I should try to look beyond this and get to know her.  My position is, I’ve seen enough.



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  1. Frankly, your self-righteousness is a form of bigotry. You’ve just proved it! You’re biased and bigoted against drunks and Mel Gibson.

  2. Honjii, I know you said not to do any name calling on this blog, but sometimes it’s hard. Since it’s hard to get any intonation or facial expression with writing I don’t know if Michelle is being sarcastic or not.

    Michelle, if you are serious you need to go back and READ it again. There is no bias against drunks and Mel Gibson, and if you seriously got that out of what Honjii wrote then I’m guessing your reading comprehension level to be somewhere around the second grade. Honjii was pointing out how bigots and racists often try to make excuses for their behavior by blaming it on being drunk and all Honjii was pointing out was that if someone doesn’t have that hatred in them then getting drunk won’t all of a sudden turn them into a racist.

    I don’t see how your comment is self righteous. I’m just guessing here but based on your name and the above comments I’m guessing that you’re not caucasion and neither am I. If my guess is right then you, like me probably have been the victim of racism. I’m guessing if Michelle is serious that she’s a white girl who sounds a bit on the self righteous side herself.

  3. We think if you are a decent person you can get drunk all you want and you wouldn’t say racist or insulting things. Alcohol brings out the real person that you are, not the one you try to show the world when you are in control. We wouldn’t socialize with that person anymore, Honjii.

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