Jesus is a Polygamist

May 13, 2007 at 4:45 am | Posted in Atheism, Beliefs, I'm just saying, irony, Jesus, Religion | 7 Comments

While stopped at a red light last Thursday I watched a Burka clad woman crossing the street, along with a man I assumed to be her husband.  As I watched her pass it occurred to me how similar in design the burka is to the traditional Catholic nun’s habit. 

Then I got to thinking about what it means to be a nun.  It is my understanding that when women become nuns, they are considered brides of Christ; they even wear wedding bands.  Since Jesus has a multitude of brides, I guess that would make him a polygamist.  I’m guessing he wins the prize for polygamist with the most wives. 

Coincidentally, when I returned home last night I caught the last hour of ABC’s 20/20 where Diane Sawyer was doing a report on women becoming nuns.  It seems Mr. Christ doesn’t treat his wives very well.  We get up in arms about how Islamic women in the middle east are often treated as less than second class citizens and are made to wear garments that cover everything but their faces, yet no one seems to have a problem with the fact that the brides of Jesus are required to wear almost identical attire.  Not only do the many brides of  Christ have to keep their heads covered, but are often required to shave their heads.  Many of these brides sleep on thin straw mats on the floor, are not allowed to speak, and are restricted in access to certain reading materials just to name a few of the hardships endured by the many Mrs. Christs.

In the U.S. polygamy, is illegal.  Ironically one of the most publicized cases  involved the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I’m just saying…



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  1. Dear Honjii,
    Two things:
    1 – Women in Burkas are forced to wear them. Nuns become nuns by their own will. If there wouldn’t be something evil like “religion” neither one of these things would happen.
    2 – I think you are nevertheless right with the notion that Jesus is/was a polygamist. Maybe just a bit differently than you describe it: running around with twelve men! It is clear to us (Karl agrees on that) that Jesus was a gay man, hanging out with his twelve lovers. Nothing wrong about that!
    We love your little blog, you seem to be one of the humans who can actually think straight!

  2. It is my understanding that when women become nuns, they are considered brides of Christ;

    It’s all symbolism.
    And as for the ‘bad treatment’ – it’s all voluntary. They live under those conditions of their own free will so they don’t have to worry about the materialism of this world and focus more on God.

    But – the idea of ‘nuns’ and ‘monks’ isn’t Biblical – I’m not saying it’s wrong… Rather, the Bible doesn’t tell us to be nuns or monks.


  3. i never noticed that similarity before, in the clothes

    yes it is true becomming a nun is voluntary but once they have taken their final vows there is no turning back without special dispensation from the pope himself, so if the women change their minds then too bad too sad, so after the final vows they do what they are told, free will is out of the picture

  4. Anastasia, there are many Islamic women who choose to ware the Burka.

    Honjii, the only restriction to marriage in the old testament is that the bride is a virgin. You can have as many as you can afford.

  5. Sam the Man-y-kin, there are many nuns who have left their orders. Some have married priests.

  6. Honjii, here’s one for your blogroll

    Capella’s Guide to Atheism

  7. I winced. I puttered around the couch and.

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