Scientific Proof of God’s Existence

May 10, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Atheism, Beliefs, creationism, evolution, intelligent design, Religion, stupidity | 3 Comments

For days now promos for ABC’s Nightline showed former child actor Kirk Cameron stating he had scientific proof for the existense of god.  I watched ABC’s Nightline not (it goes without saying) expecting to be swayed, but wondering if, at the very least, we might hear an amusing new slant on the old arguments.  What a let down.  The promised earth shattering scientific proof boiled down to the same tired circular reasoning we’ve heard ad nauseum:  Creation is proof there has to be a creator.  To illustrate the point he held up a copy of the Mona Lisa and explained, with the vacant eyes of the brainwashed, that since this is a painting, there had to be a painter.



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  1. Indeed. It was the same old ‘argument from design’ bollocks which has been countered and shot down so many, many times before.

    It was a laugh to notice that despite words promising the opposite, they quickly went into referencing the bible as well.

  2. Matt, I believe you as well as many people missed Ray’s point. He did not bring the Bible in to present his argument for God’s existence. He went off the beaten path to point to one’s sin and need for a Savior. Was it off topic? Yes.

  3. I saw the program, I was almost embarrassed for Kirk. It was so pathetic. He said he used to be an atheist. Maybe someone hit him in the head and he suffered some sort of “damage” that made him this way. Sad really.

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