Go Ahead and Pray in School

April 27, 2007 at 8:49 am | Posted in Atheism, Bush, humor, political commentary, Religion, stupidity, What if? | 1 Comment

So many people want prayer in our public schools.  Like anyone is stopping them.  The thing is, those who want prayer in the schools don’t seem to be satisfied praying privately, they want some sort of formalized, institutionalized, special time set aside for praying, and they won’t be truly happy unless everyone has to pray.

I think those of us who have opposed prayer in the schools should be willing to compromise.  I say let’s make a deal, we’ll let you have your “prayer time” in school if you promise to pray for Bush (the president not the shrub, though not much difference intellectually) to get a brain and a conscience.



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  1. I do NOT believe that prayer should be required.

    I simply do not like it that we cannot have prayer sessions, Christian Bible Study Clubs, etc when they’re not required.

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