New Hot Tourist Destination – Virginia Tech

April 26, 2007 at 8:52 am | Posted in Current Events, modern trends, News, rants, social comment, stupidity, violence | 1 Comment

I simply have to quit switching on the television in the morning looking for the weather report.  How sick is this country?  The news people were airing a story (with video footage) of tourists flocking to Virginia Tech to see where it all happened.  There was even mention of the staff/faculty going out of their way to encourage the tourists and to pose for pictures with them.

I’m so disgusted, it’s like those drivers who slow down to gawk at the traffic accident at its absolute worst.  I cannot believe that people, in the wake of this tragedy, would actually drop what they are doing to make a trip like this.  What does one do about the job in this situation, call in stupid?!?  I guess the only thing better than this would have been advanced notice so that they could have watched the blood bath as it happened.


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  1. so human. we are a pretty horrible species! some years ago they had devastating flooding in eastern europe and couldn’t help people appropriately because the “sensation tourism” had successfully clogged up any access to the area.
    we just love blood and gore and violence and other people’s sufferings. why else would we have sports like boxing and car racing (everybody watching it is only waiting for the accidents to happen!).
    “news” in these days means “bad news”, because no one wants to know about the good stuff – too boring, and next year this time we’ll all sit in a movie theater watching “the virigina tech massacre”.

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