My Blog is Worth $9,032.64

April 26, 2007 at 1:18 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 4 Comments

….but I’ll let it go for $8,999.00.

My blog is worth $9,032.64.
How much is your blog worth?



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  1. I still would love to know the math behind that thing. Heck, I wish someone would pay me $2,000 for my blog.

  2. Based on the numbers some other blogger friends of mine have gotten I tend to think the program analyzes
    the ratio of comments to posts, and the higher the ratio the higher the value. Mine has gone up to $14,678.04. Any takers?

  3. Mine dropped from $108,000 to $58,000. I would however be glad to take as little as $40,000 for the page/address is anyone is interested. HA!

  4. Mine at some point had jumped to a much higher number than where it is right now. That could be attributed to the fact that I had neglected this blog for several months.

    It might be worth putting it on eBay or Craig’s list. If in any of the images or graphics on your blog you can find something that vaguely resembles any religious symbol you might make a killing on eBay.

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