Sticks and Stones Can Break Bones, but Names Get You Sued

April 21, 2007 at 2:55 am | Posted in Current Events, Entertainment, modern trends, News, rants, social comment, stupidity | 1 Comment

This morning while fixing breakfast I switched on the television hoping to catch the weather report.  I got the Tyra Banks show and as I was about to hit the channel button I paused as I heard her say her guests were victims of Michael Richards comedy club tirade last year, and are now considering a lawsuit.  Appearing with the victims was none other than that publicity whore, attorney Gloria Allred.  I actually wanted to see where this was going but the phone rang and I missed the story. 

I’d heard enough, though.  What the hell is the matter with people in this country (my European friends are baffled by America’s love of litigation)?   We sue for every little thing.  Sure Richards was/is an ass and hopefully his hateful outburst will kill his comedy career, but does this really warrant a lawsuit?  If we sued every jerk that ever called someone a nasty name, or said something stupid no one would ever set foot outside of a court room.  It’s not nice to call people names, but it’s not illegal to be a moron; if it were the prisons would be full and the streets (and the White House) would be nearly empty.  What are the damages suffered by these poor victims?  I did hear one of the women say she had never experienced racism before.  Give me a break!  I don’t think there is a black person (or any non-white) in America who hasn’t been called a nasty name, or experienced some form of racism.  What is more likely is that any previous encounters were with bigots whose pockets weren’t as deep as those of Michael Richards.  Since I didn’t see the show I don’t know what damages are being claimed but let me guess.  The victims of the name calling are suffering severe psychological trauma, that is somehow now affecting their abilities to lead a normal life, sleep at night, be employed, and have sex.

I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on the CRIME of name calling.  I need to check this out, because if I think about it I bet I can compile a list of everyone who ever called me a nasty name or said something nasty to me when I was in grade school.  An internet search might be able to locate them, surely by now some of them have become very financially successful, and I can get Ms. Allred to file lawsuits against them, claiming that everything that has ever gone wrong in my life is a direct result of their childhood cruelty.


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  1. Yeah it’s getting so you can’t say anything to anybody, anyplace anymore. Best to just zip it.

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