Christians for Hire

March 11, 2007 at 7:08 am | Posted in Atheism, Beliefs, Consumer Issues, modern trends, Religion, social comment | 6 Comments

When I check my daily email, the first order of business is to go through my inbox and delete the spam.  Spam, as  you well know, is easily identified by subject lines that offer:

  • to enlarge your penis (even is you don’t have one), 
  • horny housewives or crazy co-eds (again no penis necessary)
  • prescriptions drugs 
  • announcements that you’ve just won a lottery for which you’ve never purchased a ticket
  • jobs that involve laundering money (though it’s not called that, and if you are dumb enough to fall for this you will be arrested within a week or two)
  • to pay you a percentage of the millions of dollars that some unfortunate individual is having trouble getting out of Nigeria if you will simply provide your bank account number so they can wire the money to you

Today I found a new one from Christian Debt Removers.  At first I wondered if the offer came from Christians offering to remove my debt, or Christian debt, which I assume would be any debt owed to a Christian.  Though this was the first time (I remember) getting this sort of email, though I have seen this marketing ploy used in other areas.

In the newspaper classified section that offers services, in the yellow pages, on roadside signs I have seen advertisements for Christian carpenters, handymen, plumbers, housecleaners, painters, plumbers, accountants, lawyers, etc.  Does this really work?  As an atheist it doesn’t do much for me, but to my Christian friends (Brian, Fredrich, and others) would this kind of marketing sway you?  Would you believe, just because someone claimed in his/her advertising to be a Christian that: 1. they were really the genuine article and not just saying so to get  your business; 2. if number one is true then do you believe that you will receive better service from this person than someone who doesn’t make such a claim?  Keep in mind that just because someone doesn’t claim to be a Christian (doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief) doesn’t mean they are not, in fact practicing Christians.

How do you feel about this type of promotion?  Does it exploit Christianity?  I have never seen this marketing method used by Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, or Atheists.

I wonder if someone will ever dare to promote him/herself by claiming to be a Christian atheist?



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  1. Anyone can use the word Chrisian to get what they want. It’s so sad actually.

  2. I agree, sounds sad to me! I don’t mind who I buy from if they are honest and give me good service…
    (oh, and aren’t mass murderers, they make me a little nervous)

  3. Just because someone claims to be a Christian – doesn’t mean they’re Christian.
    Example: I (Brian) could claim to be very enterjetic (which I am), but you would have no way to verify that unless you met me, interacted with me, and did so for an extended period of time.
    It’s that same way with knowing if someone’s a Christian. The Bible says you will know someone by their fruits. Translation, you will know if someone’s a Christian by what they do. (that can be applied to a non-christian lifestyle) You can’t know if someone’s a Christian unless you interact with them for a while. Even then, you still can’t truly know… but… that’s a different topic.

    At any rate. Next question.
    Does it make us want to use their services/supplies/etc? Well, yes, it does. In San Antonio, TX, there’s a special small phone book with only “Christian” buisness in them. I’m sure they get more buisness from fellow “Christians” because of that.
    And yes, I would be more inclined to use their services.

    However, if I use their service and their service does not align with the Bible (they’re rude, do half jobs, etc) then I will not use their service and tell my fellow Christians about their lack of “Christ-like attitude.”

    Btw, nice improvements to your blog… I’m guessing you got the Custom CSS upgrade… I’m thinking about getting that…

  4. Brian,
    Thanks for the compliment on the blog. 🙂 I didn’t upgrade, just swithced to a different template.

  5. Ah… ok… wow. good job – it looked like you upgraded. Very nice.

  6. Hello, a really interesting experience to visit your website. For sure i will come back soon. greets to all !

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