Stupid Design

March 6, 2007 at 7:18 am | Posted in Atheism, Beliefs, Current Events, evolution, Miscellaneous, modern trends, rants, Religion, science, social comment | 13 Comments


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  1. That was a rant and I can’t address all of it but much of it is simply the result of things once good that have been corrupted;
    After the biblical flood you can’t expect the earth’s crust to be fully intact as it was meant to be, nor the various functions such as the water cycle to work as designed either.
    The Mutated babies, well thats really sad (it almost made me cry) but you must see that this is also a degeneration from a once good design to something less useful.

    You may ask why. Is God sadistic? Does he care?

    The Bible says these things are the result of man rebelling against God in the beginning, of man wanting to be top dog, ruler of the world, like God.
    That was the temptation that Satan gave to Adam and Eve.

    Because Mankind is descended from Adam and the creation was set up to be under his jurisdiction, all this came under the curse of sin (that is, wrong, badness).

    Now the world was cursed and Mankind was condemned to worse than death after they died – to hell.

    Now right after this God said to the devil that the seed(descendant) of the Man (Adam) would crush the serpent’s (Satan’s) head and Satan would crush that descendants heel.

    Now what was said then, at the beginning of creation was fulfilled in Jesus who came and sacrificed himself as a substitute for the rest of mankind.

    All who believe in Jesus will be saved.

    “for God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

    “believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!”

    That is a short summary of the Christian message.

    I believe it to be consistent with most of the scientific evidence we have today.

    I don’t say that mine is not a faith position, but I will say that is is a pretty well substantiated faith position – consistent with the evidence (sad though the it sometimes is).

  2. Frederic,

    You need to think for yourself. Stop relying on an ancient book. You are not so wise.


  3. only that my old book makes sense of the human condition, history and science etc very well.
    Scientists will change their views on a whim to try to fit the evidence yet the bible preempted the evidence we have now and has stood up remarkably well to it.

    If something is fiction it will likely not stack up in the real world.

    Oh also just as an explanation of my name here I don’t think I’m particularly wise but its a joke from the days I used to play age of empires…

  4. Exactly what scientific findings did the Bible preempt? One big thing regarding the human condition that the Bible contains is that if someone doesn’t agree with you, you either stone them to death or wait until they are blasted with hellfire. (Admittedly, I haven’t read 99% of it.)

  5. fredericthewise,
    Again you have me baffled. You keep saying that the bible offers scientific proof. According to your posts the bible has an explanation for everything and offers scientific proof. What scientific proof does the bible offer? Please back it up.

    Also, fredericthewise, you shock me. I had never heard of “age of empires” so I looked it up and here is what I found: “Age of Empires is epic real-time strategy spanning 10000 years where players are the guiding spirit in the evolution of stone age tribes into great …”

    Now please tell me what a nice creationist like you is doing in a place like that? And what is with “10000 years” when all the creationist material I’ve read clearly states the earth is 6000 years old?

  6. Ah honjii, I never said the bible offers scientific proof I merely said it is consistent with the evidence available, there is a difference. It is very hard to conclusively prove, from physical science, the past history earth.

    I am also saying that evolution does not offer scientific proof either, and it is not generally consistent with the available evidence.
    Both Creation and Evolution can be consistent with the same bit of evidence, in fact we are simply interpreting the same evidence differently. (we liver in the same world after all)
    I just think my interpretation of the evidence works much better than yours does.

    With the age of empires thing do you have to agree with every aspect of the storyline to enjoy the game?
    I studied biology and enjoyed it. I didn’t let the evolution nonsense get to me, but went along and showed the examiners I knew what they wanted me to know (despite not agreeing with some of it).

  7. I merely said it is consistent with the evidence available

    That’s simply because the Bible uses anything BUT clear language. Believers have used it to support round earth, flat earth, evolution, creationism, witch-burning, humanitarianism, etc.

    I am also saying that evolution does not offer scientific proof either, and it is not generally consistent with the available evidence.

    Apologies for being blunt, but have you even read ANYTHING about the subject? Please share one example where evolution is not based on evidence.

    Evolution is supported by the fossil record and confirmed by genetics. What evidence do we have of your god?

  8. Hm… He started off by pointing out all the places elsewhere that are “bad.”
    But notice we aren’t living out there… Notice we’re living here, on Earth, the only and most ideal place for life.

    He also pointed out all the ‘bad’ things about the Earth. Ok, let’s look at that, shall we?
    Fist of all, the world was perfect when it was first created. Then man sinned and evil was brought into the world, then the earth went into a decline.
    Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, lightning strikes… those can be good things. If it weren’t for volcanos and earthquakes, we wouldn’t have the Island system of Hawaii. It it weren’t for Earthquakes, we wouldn’t have the Rockies.
    Hm… can’t live on 2/3 of the earth? That’s because it’s water! If it weren’t for that 2/3 of the earth, how many billions of sea creatures wouldn’t be able to live?
    Freeze or starve on the half that remains? Yeah, we would. But other animals won’t. Starve? If you don’t eat. But that would be because of your stupidity, not God’s bad plans.
    90% of life is extinct? There is no way he could know that. I guess it’d be true if Evolution was true, but from the view of Inteligent design, Evolution isn’t true.
    The galexy is a shooting gallery? Um…. ?!?!!?!! What does he mean? Yes there’s comets and the like, but it’s in space. Nothing lives in space. It’s there to declare the glory of God.
    However many million years to create multi-cellular life? I don’t believe that is true. I believe that it only took an instant. God said “let it be” and boom, there was multi-cellular life.

    And that’s all I have time to point out. Sorry.

  9. Stephen said:
    “That’s simply because the Bible uses anything BUT clear language. Believers have used it to support round earth, flat earth, evolution, creationism, witch-burning, humanitarianism, etc.”

    Heres a nice quote from C.S.Lewis:
    “You will find this again and again with anything that is really Christian: everyone is attracted by bits of it and wants to pick out those bits and leave the

    People will often *make* the bible mean what they *want* it to mean, not what it *really* says.

    Evolution is supported by the fossil record? Genetics? What! Genetics is what proved evolution to be absolute nonsense – there has been no mutation recorded that has a long term evolutionary benefit.
    Yeah I know natural selection works but it only sorts existing genetic material, it doesn’t increase complexity. There is no recorded case of this happening.

    I have less knowledge of the fossil record but how can tree trunks stick through millions of years worth of strata? where are the intermediate fossils? there should be millions of these.

    If you have any real evidence to point out please explain it, don’t just say “Evolution is supported by this or that” Give some evidence; give some evidence to explain why Evolution is supported by real science because I haven’t seen it.

  10. fredericthewise,
    There it is again.

    “there has been no mutation
    recorded that has a long term evolutionary benefit.”

    You use this line in almost every one of your comments. In fact as I was reading your last comment I was expecting it and was not disappointed. You have yet to answer my question on what exactly this means and where you got this information. You have used this so much it is beginning to sound like rote recititation of one who has been indoctrinated and spouts learned lines without really having a clear understanding of what they mean.

  11. I said it again because not everyone who reads this blog has read other blogs I’ve written to.
    You still have not provided an adequate example to counteract what I have said. Please do so.
    I have said more at length on another of your blogs so I will not elaborate here..
    I did post more stuff here though:

  12. fredericthewise you said,
    “You still have not provided an adequate example to counteract what I have said. Please do so”

    What would be the point? Someone could show you evolution in action and you would attribute it to god’s great design. I welcome and enjoy your comments, beliefs, and viewpoint for me and all who visit this blog to read. However, I honestly don’t have time (wish I did) to get into long and drawn out discussions here as your god didn’t provide me with wealthy parents and a trust fund I’m forced to spend much of my time making a living. I also spend much of my not working time with my loved ones. Should I win the lottery, find I have a secret befefactor, or a wealthy relative I was unaware of then I would actually love to engage in discussion, debate, discourse with you and anyone else who so desired. In the meantime my response to comments will be short and sweet as when I do have time to blog I would prefer to write new posts. But please do keep on reading, visiting, and adding your comments, opinions, beliefs whenever the spririt moves you.

    Oh yeah…one more thing…I’ve asked a few times but could you…pretty please please please with sugar on top explain the meaning of, ” there has been no mutation recorded that has a long term evolutionary benefit.”
    I would be ever so grateful.

  13. Heres a quote I wrote on another of your blogs:

    “Scientists have been trying for years to [induce or find] a truly constructive mutation but have not found anything. Look at fruit flies; have any of the mutations that have occurred there increased genetic potential? Not one. They have produced offspring with more wings (duplication of existing genetic information – and they can’t fly) bigger wings, smaller wings (corrupted genetic material for growth control) and a number of other things.
    None of these offspring were better off in any situation and none had increased genetic potential.
    The end product is a simpler, less viable offspring.
    Some mutations have produced traits that are useful in a given situation, but they never make the organism more complex.
    So there are some positive mutations but they have no value to future evolutionary potential.”

    So you see that in my experience a mutation can increase diversity, it may even make a new species because the mutation may make the organism that has it unable to breed with the original species, but has done nothing to create anything more complex.
    – Nothing that that would turn a frog to a prince so to speak.

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