Anna Nicole and Brittany

February 20, 2007 at 3:46 am | Posted in Current Events, Entertainment, Miscellaneous, modern trends, News, rants, social comment | 1 Comment

I actively avoid news as much as I can.  I don’t like newspapers because they are time consuming and the ink gets on my fingers.  Radio and television news is fairly useless.  Besides, when it comes to political and social issues I think most mainstream American news outlets do not have access to the truth, so why bother.  I believe this avoidance tactic is one of the major keys to my sanity.  Most of the news is bad, scary, and depressing and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.  As much as I try to avoid it, the information somehow finds its way into my brain.  Ironically, I’m probably better informed about most things than the average Joe. 

Somehow, when something major, that I should know about, happens I’m not left out of the loop, and that’s OK, as I prefer my news on a ‘need to know’ basis.  Yet with all of my avoidance tactics why is it that I know Anna Nicole’s twenty-year-old son died.  This occurred shortly after she gave birth to little Danni Lyn, who apparently has a growing list of men who claim to be her father.  I find that hilarious, because when a woman gives birth to a baby that is not the heir to a fortune;  many men run the other way.  I know that Anna Nicole herself died suddenly and tragically, at age 39 and a judge had to decide when (so much DNA needed and so little time) and to whom her body would be released. 

I know that Brittany (see how I don’t even have to use last names and you know who I’m talking about), shortly after having her second baby, split with the love of her life, K-fed.  Since the split, Brittany has been out drinking, partying, and going wild; usually sans panties.  She apparently went to re-hab for about five minutes, got a couple new tattoos, and shaved her own head.  I don’t know where her babies are, but she makes a good case for some sort of testing and licensing requirement before one is allowed to become a parent. 

If I have this much supercilious pop culture information rolling around in my head, it is frightening to think how much is in the brains of those who actually want this info.  Anna Nicole and Brittany must be getting considerably more coverage than much more important matters.  Why are they news?  Ok, Brittany I sort of get, she is or was a teenage pop idol.  But what did Anna Nicole do, other than marry some obscenely rich old guy with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel?  She has been compared to Marilyn Monroe, who played the dumb blonde, but apparently was not so dumb, but Anna Nicole truly was dumber than dirt.  I guess like Paris Hilton, these days you can just be famous for being famous.

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  1. People like to hear about the Britney’s, Anna Nicole’s and Paris Hilton’s because it’s like junk food for the brain. It’s tasty but doesn’t have any nutritional value at all, and it makes you fat and lazy.
    I’m with you though; I prefer to tune out the news because all we hear about is war, murder, theft, and violence. Driving in my car I just listen to CD’s. I don’t even want to hear the mindless chatter of radio DJ’s who are just going to go on and on about celebrities and their dreary, pathetic lives. It’s so miserable having all that money and attention, isn’t it?
    People can tell you everything in the world about what is going on with the Anna Nicole scandal, but don’t have a clue that Bush is mounting an escalation in the Middle East to invade Iran, though he tells the public otherwise. We’re on the verge of World War III and people only care about Britney shaving her head! (Granted though, I AM horrified that she is bringing children into this world).

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