Can Hardly Wait for the Mudslinging!

January 31, 2007 at 8:53 am | Posted in political, political commentary, political rants | Leave a comment

As we gear up for the next presidential primary I’m not looking forward to those fun television spots where each potential “winner” tells us all the bad things we ought to know about the other guy.  In reality, campaigning for political office is nothing more than applying for a job.  We, the voting, taxpaying public are the employers and the candidates are our prospective employees.

I picture a reception area with two or three job seekers nervously awaiting their turn to interview for a much coveted position within the company.  The intercom buzzes, the secretary ushers the first candidate into a plush office for a face to face interview.  Now is the time, I had been taught, to put your best foot forward, convince the powers that be why they should hire you.  Display your accomplishments, abilities, strengths, virtues, etc., in other words….show them what you can do…. make them understand why you are the best person for the job.

If I apply the political paradigm to finding employment in the private sector, the scenario I’ve just described might play out a bit differently.  Let’s say I’m the job applicant.  My interview does not consist of mentioning even ONE thing about myself or what I am able to do.  Instead I would launch into a diatribe about the other applicant still waiting to be interviewed.  I could say that I happen to know his ‘Rolex’ watch is a fake, and imply his designer suit may have fallen off of a truck.  I might also mention while in the elevator on the way up I gathered, from his end of the cell phone conversation, that this man is cheating on his wife.  I make sure to emphasize how this information is proof of my rival’s lack of character.

Were it not for the, “I’m John Doe and I approved this message”, that comes at the end of a campaign ad, I wouldn’t even know which candidate the spot is promoting; the opposing candidate’s misdeeds are often the entire context.  During the last election, I got to the point where these ads just about made me want to choose the candidate being bashed.

What in the world makes these morons think that simply pointing out the shortcomings of their opponents will make me want to hire them for a job as important as representing ME?  How, from this information, am I expected to know what you have done so far?  How will this give me any indication of how you might handle important decisions, or react to difficult situations?  What it does tell me is that you have no ability whatsoever, and you are trying to cover that fact with a pretty damn lame diversionary tactic.  It also insures that you will NEVER get my vote because in your ‘job interview’ all you have shown me is your complete incompetence and utter lack of character.

I hope people pay attention to how our job applicants behave between now and the election and don’t buy into negativity.  Ask not what the candidate’s opponent did or didn’t do, ask instead, what can you do, what will you do, and how will you do it?  And to the candidates I say, ENOUGH already!

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