You Only Need WHAT to be President?

January 30, 2007 at 12:05 pm | Posted in Bush, government, political, political commentary, political rants, president, stupidity | 5 Comments

To become president of the United States, a candidate must have lived in the country for at least 14 years, be a natural-born U.S. citizen, and be at least 35 years old.  These are the ONLY qualifications required to hold the highest and most powerful position in this country.  This may have worked at the time the constitution was drafted, however, in case you didn’t notice, times have changed. 

If we’ve learned nothing from the disaster that now sits in the oval office, it seems the minimum requirements need a bit of upgrading.  It need not be complicated, we don’t need pages and pages of legal jargon, just a few important additions to those cited above.This should include a minimum IQ to insure that the person who’s finger is closest to the ‘button’ is in possession of critical thinking skills such as abstract reasoning, creative problem solving, etc. (you know, little things that could come in handy when dealing with the security of millions).    

Candidates should also be required to possess basic skills, including proficiency in our country’s native language.  The president is and should be a role model for children, instead as an example, we now have someone who obviously didn’t (or couldn’t) do their English grammar homework and yet somehow got to be president.  What message does that send?  Instead of an intelligent, articulate, eloquent sounding individual, we have someone who speaks his own version of the language.  Maybe he is speaking Texobonics, Idobonics (like Ebonics, only dumber); where no rules for pronuncification existify. 

 In addition to being a role model, this is the individual who represents us (we the people) to the world.  Do we want someone we can be proud of, or do we want to be embarrassed? Along with the new qualifications: minimum IQ which should at least be above average, and proficiency in both speaking and understanding English, a psychological evaluation should be included to insure that we never again have a sociopath representing us in Washington.



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  1. […] republican conventions and primary elections, anyone wishing to run for president and meeting the minimum qualifications could do so by becoming a contestant on a reality show.  No party affiliation would be […]

  2. We need to do SOMETHING different to keep idiots like Bush out of office.
    My god, every time that man speaks he insults the human race!
    I honestly think he’s from another planet. Or perhaps later on we’ll find out that he suffers from some mental illness, just like we learned that Reagan had Alzheimer’s and was consulting with Astrologists.

  3. hello.
    teller alaska is big on the politics right now.
    so i just had to look.
    nice atricle.
    well, off back to work.

    • How ironic that this person complimented an ARTICLE blasting Pres. Bush and his ill-use of the English language and misspells article…
      I also found it interesting that the article’s author referred to the “native” language of the US. Perhaps he’d like to specify which Native American Nation’s language should be used?
      I’d be interested in his thoughts on the current mis-administration and if he’s happier with the “representing” President apologizing to our foreign allies and enemies, alike.

      • How ironic that this person complimented an ARTICLE blasting Pres. Bush and his ill-use of the English language and misspells article

        He didn’t capitalize either, you forgot to deduct points for that. The writer fired off a quick comment and like many web communications, emails, texts, IM’s, etc., capitalization and punctuation are often ignored, as is spelling. In this case I’m guessing it was a typo rather than ignorance.

        The official language of this country is English, so if you want to split hairs at my use of the word native instead, go for it. I see that you, much like the ignorant tea party members, focus on what is really important. As far as our president making apologies, it’s too bad the moron you are trying to defend didn’t do some apologizing for all the lives lost and families devastated as a result of his actions. He should be tried as a war criminal and held accountable.

        As far as HIS thoughts…do your homework, he is a she and while she is not in complete agreement with Obama he has accomplished a lot and has done a lot of good since he took office. You would realize that if you didn’t get your news from Fox and perhaps read actual facts. I’d be willing to bet that in reality your biggest problem with Obama is that he is black.

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